Our Story

Just like most of you, I love a good story.

A great one has the power to move us, shape us or even change us forever. And the best ones are those that can also engage us visually, just like the narrative illustrations in our favourite picture books. They capture our imagination, have us totally immersed in the plot and let us identify with the characters.

This is what inspired me to start Draw A Story, a fashion and lifestyle illustration studio to help brands and people capture a moment and create memorable visual stories. That and the fact that I simply love to draw stylish people and beautiful things.

So if you would like to have a chat on how we can work together, just drop me a note here. I can't wait to draw something wonderful that would give you and your audience a story to tell.

Mandy Lau

Founder and Illustrator


Want to know more? Perhaps these would answer some questions.

What medium do you use to create your illustrations?

All of my illustrations are hand-drawn. Most of the time, I draw and paint digitally using the Procreate app on my iPadPro. For me, drawing and painting with the Apple Pencil is just as intuitive as using a real pencil, marker or paintbrush and is no less creative. Even with the convenience of technology (which allows me to draw anywhere anytime, even on my bed!), I do love the spontaneity of working with traditional media such as ink and watercolour too. I am amazed at how they almost always result in unpredictable yet fascinating surprises, especially when I am in a more explorative mood.

Did you study art or fashion illustration?

I am a self-taught illustrator. My skills are refined from years of drawing since I was a little girl and driven by pure passion. A couple of years ago, I did a Diploma in Fashion Apparel Design and Product Development to pursue my desire to learn about fashion. That has come in really useful now in fashion illustration as it had equipped me with a practical knowledge of how clothes are constructed. More importantly, I have a good understanding of the different kinds of textiles, how they look, drape and move when worn on a figure, which I think is critical for a fashion illustrator. Anyway, I am perpetually curious so I don't think I will ever stop studying or learning. 

What did you do before creating Draw A Story?

Before I turned to illustration, I was a marketing practitioner with a Masters in Marketing. My experience spanned across branding, event management, PR and marketing communications. I have worked for a design agency, a government statutory board and the best airport in the world. So you can expect me to also bring some additional insights and creative ideas on how my illustrations can help you achieve your branding and communication goals when we work together.


What else do you do?

I am also a Mom to two teenage kids. Other than art and fashion, I am equally passionate about travel photography and am now trying out urban sketching. In my free time, you would probably find me either in a bookstore or the library or an art supplies shop. And IF I can still squeeze out some more time, I should really add yoga again to my exercise regime. Do follow me on Instagram if you want to know more of what I have been up to.